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Friday I’m in Love

who doesn’t love Fridays right. Fridays are generally a crazy busy day for me but then I get home and we all get to relax. Hopefully you all get to relax a bit too. This weekend plan/ hope to get some time to go play with my macro lens some more and maybe take the boys to the park or somewhere so we can all have a bit of fun. We do have a house guest Penny who is lovely so she can join in the fun.

Penny the lil' red dog

Penny the lil' red dog

A few months ago we started a little veggie garden in a raised bed.  In the last 2 weeks we replanted it and tonight it is beginning to look pretty good.

Our Square foot Veggie garden

Our Square foot Veggie garden

I have tomatoes and a green bell pepper growing in the back row, a basil and parsley along the edges, green beans in the second row and last week I put in some lettuce seeds, which are sprouted and growing nicely. I also put in some Straight 8 cucumbers, zucchini, and a watermelon, more photos to come soon I am sure as my Mac man and wee man don’t love my constantly photographing them.

I am off to O Scraps forums now to get inspired to do some more scrapping, I am pretty happy with the page I did last week using this photo of our sick little man.

Sick boyAnd then this was the page I made for it.

All made with O Scraps, supplies . I did this For a challenge to use technique and so I did a few things, masking blending and the big one converting the Photo to a faux pencil sketch; I was pleasantly surprised at how many techniques i used in the end, but it is great to challenge yourself.

Happy weekend all. See you later, Phil… here in Bermuda