Monthly Archives: October 2011

Macro-licious Shells and Crabs

So Last Sunday rolled around and it was family outing day, off into the car and we went to Alexandra Battery, Just outside of St Georges Bermuda.

This tiny beach is famous for its sea-glass, it is everywhere… I mean everywhere. So while the boys explored and collected “treasures” i got my Sigma 105mm 2.8F out and had some macro fun.  I love how there were so many cool naturally formed still life set and ready to photograph.

Others had to be hunted and coerced into frame. With the thin depth of field you get when shooting macros you can get some great visual effects, I love how the surrounding sand come into and out of focus in these next images.

Don’t you love the sparkly bokeh in the sand here.

The I discovered other beach inhabitants, tiny crabs the size of a quarter, which kicked in my hunter instinct stalking the holes and waiting. I love the feeling of movement caught here.

Then sometimes you get surprised.

This was shot from about 8 inches away.  I couldn’t believe the detail in the crabs shell and the hairs on its legs, this little guy popped up right under my camera as I was setting up a different shot.