P3, P4, P5 – catchup

I could have sworn I posted P3 befor now maybe I just dreamed it.

P3 AJ’s first day back to nutsery school after the holiday break, he was happy and had dinosaurs to play with.

P4 – Another day at the office. Can you believe I get paid to walk figs on the beach or where ever the winds take us on a given day. Doggy bliss nice and cool and sand under the paws.

P5 – another day in paradise. Living in Bermuda we are often spoilt for beautiful seascapes do yhisbts how a standard day at the office looks for me a hard working dog walker. But seriously we had a storm front that moved off over night leaving wicked dark skies and little light it was pretty and different from the typical Bermudaful day. a slight pop using the pro HDR cam on iPhone 4 then instagram filter Hudson. Love this.

I really must try and do these daily I would hate to fall off the p365 wagon befor the end of the month


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I am a mom i run my own business i love to take photos, paint and digi-scrapping View all posts by philippamellophotography

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