Monthly Archives: February 2012

P58 -Jellies

The jelly fish are back, must be spring-time.




P54 – walking wounded. Long week, sore knee so my new beast friend is my knee brace.

P55 – Happy Birthday Daddy. Friday was Jim’s birthday so we went to cafe 4 for sushi. Yum.


P56 – Rock Soup. The boys “cooked” up Some yummy soup with flowers and herbs.


P57 – Mammarazzi. A trip to the park and I get to play photographer; rocking it with my back rapid camera strap and new undfind hip shooter bag, love this combo.


P53 – Greetings from eggo land

DS aged 2 years 10 months still can’t pronounce the L sound at the beginning of words. As a result light = might, legs = eggs, and Lego = eggo.

Today’s pick up was a lego bonanza AJ proudly showed me his eggo train he made himself.


P52 – My weakness

Yes chocolate, not original but it’s my fix.

Green & Blacks maya gold is my current favorite, dark Choc with a hint of orange and spice.

P51 – mini photographer

So Aj, 2 years 10 months old, was sitting in the car using the iPhone. When I get back I discover he found the camera and was shooting som pretty cool self portraits.

This one is my favorite, no idea how I could even do this.


Then some fun random shots.




P98 – Easter bunny freak out

20120407-221641.jpgEaster bunny freak out. We had an eastervparty to go to today and AJ freaked out and shut down when he saw the dude in the bunny suit. Too busy shooting to take a photo, we adjourned to one of our new favorite eateries for lunch.

P50 – Lazy Sunday

Sunday’s are the best; usually the only day of the week reserved for catching up on relaxing. Sad to say I have to schedule time to relax, such is our life right now. We had a lovely slow start to our day today with a nice snuggle and lounging in bed till almost 8am (yes that counts as a sleep in around here).