Monthly Archives: March 2012

P90 – weekend away

20120331-111534.jpgMy DH and I are on a stay cation for the weekend. This was the start of our weekend. Sitting on the porch eating sushi and drinking saki. Bliss.


P89 – the hunger games

Movie night. Been looking forward to the hunger games since I finished the books a month ago. Movie was alright.


P88 – Peach blossoms

So the peach trees have been blossoming for weeks now and while I have been full of good intentions to take my macro lens and camera out. I haven’t. Snapped this today and was once again amazed by the iPhone 4 camera.


P86 – Car trouble / P87 – boy crash

It’s never good when your week begins with car trouble.

20120327-205505.jpg My car has been a lemon since I bought it 5 years ago. Alas this time it was $176 and junky 10 minutes to fix, miracles. I was busy mentally rescheduling my week and cursing the mechanic, then he cones over and says its just the starter coil and he’s done, amazing.

Tuesday march 27th. Mini man feeling under the weather caught his nap only to pass out in the car.


P83/P84/P85 agility weekend

March 24 – Fridays are crazy and today was crazier than most with a USDAA agility trial coming this weekend as well as work being done on the house we are moving into. AJ got stuck in helping with the demolition and installation of the new windows.

March 24 – 7:30 am start meant a beautiful sunrise, I took a great HDR my phone only to have it eaten by the tech goblins. Oh well, this is Ella displaying “crazy ear”, when her ear looks like this she is often playful and a bit. Normally good but we are at a dog agility show today, that said she still impressed me with a Qualifying run in jumpers and a lovely run in gamblers. Love this girl.

Sunday March 25 – awards and a tired dog. We had a great weekend which netted us some ribbons and great fun. This is the champ with her haul.


P82 – pincushion

20120322-102450.jpgHaving spent the last 6 weeks dealing with a knee injury. This picture is good my knee is better and I have even gotten over my fear of needles. Love my physio she is awesome.

P79/P80/P81 catchup

20120321-172848.jpgMarch 19. This is Ella, she is my dog, friend and agility partner. We had practice tonight for a show on the weekend, can’t take photos while running but this is a proud tired dog.

March 20/P80 – purple glory. Another beautiful day on the trails these lovelies were too pretty to just pass by.

March 21/P81/Humpday – Hotcross buns. oh dear I broke the seal and had my first hotcross bun of the Easter season, man it was good, I am going to have to be so careful to not wreck my weight loss, I see a lot more time at the gym in my future for the next 3 weeks.