P93 /P94 / P95

Monday April 2, Aj hs been snoring like a 300lb 80 year old truck driver, and it turns out his tonsils may be the problem. Poor lil guy

20120404-223024.jpgTuesday April 3, P94 mini egg love. For years I never tried theses lil babies and could never quite understand my friends obsession with them, well now I know cute and delicious. However creme eggs are still my must have Easter treat.

20120404-223229.jpgWednesday April 4, new obsession. I love my iPad and iPhone, perhaps a little too much. Contre Jour is my new puzzle game of choice.

20120404-223551.jpgMade by chillingo who make cut the hope which I love too. I spent 30 plus minutes tonight complaining to my DH I needed to go to bed, but was unable to put this game down.


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