Monthly Archives: May 2012

Happy star wars day. P125

May the 4th be with you. Happy star wars day. 20120504-234833.jpgToday is also AJ’s last day of 2.

20120504-234947.jpgcan’t believe he is three already. Big day ahead tommorow with a dino party for weeman.


Friends – CM monthly challenge April

We have been moving house and as such I have had no time to pick up my big camera. However I am embracing the Lodi and potential in my iPhone.
This morning we went out and found a tiny whistling tree frog, AJ wanted to keep it but I said he would miss his frog friends and that I would take a photo for him to keep. AJ is learning that friends come in all shapes and sizes and some are with you for a long time and others just a moment.

20120502-094819.jpgI am not sure which perspective play I like more. How have you loved your friends today. Next in our blog circle is Carrie Anne.