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I am a mom i run my own business i love to take photos, paint and digi-scrapping

Motherhood – my view a CM monthly Challenge

My favorite motherhood photo in my collection thus far AJ just 3 months old


On September 9 2010 I was walking with my son and we were attacked by a dog. In an effort to prevent the rotweiller biting my son and potentially killing him I put myself between them and got bitten on the foot. 8 stitches and a lot of unpleasantness later, I have a big scar that is my motherhood badge. I have heard stories of moms who lift cars and who when the situation arises find themselves capable of amazing things all in the name of their kids.

As mothers we sometimes wear many “hats”. We are comfort, food, cuddles, dicipline, first aid, transport and most of all love. I sometimes feel like superwoman flying through my day and other times I feel a bit like Marge Simpson, barely in control.

I cant wait t see what my fellow CMs have come up with for their view of Motherhood. Carries post is here


Happy star wars day. P125

May the 4th be with you. Happy star wars day. 20120504-234833.jpgToday is also AJ’s last day of 2.

20120504-234947.jpgcan’t believe he is three already. Big day ahead tommorow with a dino party for weeman.

Friends – CM monthly challenge April

We have been moving house and as such I have had no time to pick up my big camera. However I am embracing the Lodi and potential in my iPhone.
This morning we went out and found a tiny whistling tree frog, AJ wanted to keep it but I said he would miss his frog friends and that I would take a photo for him to keep. AJ is learning that friends come in all shapes and sizes and some are with you for a long time and others just a moment.

20120502-094819.jpgI am not sure which perspective play I like more. How have you loved your friends today. Next in our blog circle is Carrie Anne.


P119 – Upidy down/ P120 – Castle builder

AJ invented a new game this morning, he calls it upidy down and involves him and a competitor racing over a track with two stuffed toys, a lion and a dog. The only rule is that the lion (AJ’s) always wins. 20120429-225932.jpg
Sunday April 29/P120 we are still bogged down with tidying up at the old house but stopped to spend a few minutes with AJ as he constructed a castle in the garden out of sticks. I love his immagination.


P118 – TFIF

20120427-132722.jpgTFIF nuff said

P114 /P115/P116

Hair washed today, so I am rocking the silky wavy mommy hair.20120425-230003.jpgP115 thought I was dying today so sick and oddly the only thing that made me feel better was apple juice and advil.

20120425-230138.jpgP116 wee man wanted to race something he enjoys doing a lot lately not the photo I wanted, his “starting” position is adorable, but missing that shot made me a better mommy than a photographer.


P113 – gone fishing

20120422-230433.jpgAnother lazy Sunday at the Bermuda aquarium museum and zoo