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P69 – ribs n chicken for dinner / P70 – wine, snuggly blanket & chocolate fondu

March 9 we had our favorite takeout for dinner ribs and chicken. Yum. AJ loves meat with handles.

March 10/P70 a windy chill might outside, inside snuggly blankets wine and chocolate fondu… Yummy.



P29 – Puerco Pibil so good Agent Sands may come kill Jim

I love a good movie and I gave loved all the work by Robert Rodriguez, after seeing Once Upon a Time in Mexico Jim and I just had to know what puerco pibil tasted like. How could a dish be so good you would want to shoot the cook. So we watched Roberts 10 minute cooking school and went on an Internet pilgrimage to find anato seeds. Several years go by and the mood gripped us today. So we made this traditional Mexican slow roasted pork and wow yummy.

Next time we will watch the movie at the same time and invite friends over. But try it it do good you may want to shoot the cook.