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Motherhood – my view a CM monthly Challenge

My favorite motherhood photo in my collection thus far AJ just 3 months old


On September 9 2010 I was walking with my son and we were attacked by a dog. In an effort to prevent the rotweiller biting my son and potentially killing him I put myself between them and got bitten on the foot. 8 stitches and a lot of unpleasantness later, I have a big scar that is my motherhood badge. I have heard stories of moms who lift cars and who when the situation arises find themselves capable of amazing things all in the name of their kids.

As mothers we sometimes wear many “hats”. We are comfort, food, cuddles, dicipline, first aid, transport and most of all love. I sometimes feel like superwoman flying through my day and other times I feel a bit like Marge Simpson, barely in control.

I cant wait t see what my fellow CMs have come up with for their view of Motherhood. Carries post is here


P114 /P115/P116

Hair washed today, so I am rocking the silky wavy mommy hair.20120425-230003.jpgP115 thought I was dying today so sick and oddly the only thing that made me feel better was apple juice and advil.

20120425-230138.jpgP116 wee man wanted to race something he enjoys doing a lot lately not the photo I wanted, his “starting” position is adorable, but missing that shot made me a better mommy than a photographer.


P112 – AG Show

Candy floss, ice cream , bouncy castle, pigs and baby goats. Too much fun!20120421-201418.jpg


P102 April 11th. the found pink polo. While cleaning put a closet I found a cool pink polo shirt, not mine but boy it sure looks good in me.20120413-190316.jpg

P103 the last day of painting the new house. AJ got in on the action and did some finger painting on daddy’s head. 20120413-190333.jpg

P104 Bermudianas are a lovely little native spring blooming flower. 20120413-190341.jpg

P83/P84/P85 agility weekend

March 24 – Fridays are crazy and today was crazier than most with a USDAA agility trial coming this weekend as well as work being done on the house we are moving into. AJ got stuck in helping with the demolition and installation of the new windows.

March 24 – 7:30 am start meant a beautiful sunrise, I took a great HDR my phone only to have it eaten by the tech goblins. Oh well, this is Ella displaying “crazy ear”, when her ear looks like this she is often playful and a bit. Normally good but we are at a dog agility show today, that said she still impressed me with a Qualifying run in jumpers and a lovely run in gamblers. Love this girl.

Sunday March 25 – awards and a tired dog. We had a great weekend which netted us some ribbons and great fun. This is the champ with her haul.


Sweetness & Love – CM monthly challenge

The theme for February’s photo challenge is sweetness and love. Of all the things I love, my AJ is probably the sweetest so here he is. This is a shot from my iPhone but I loved the way it turned out. Just lucky I guess.


Now on to Carrie and the rest of the CM circle of love.

P49 – Calamari and Capricossa pizza

Calamari, Capricossa pizza and a vintage Micky mouse mug of apple juice; what did your 3.75 year old eat for dinner tonight.