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How I view Happiness – CM Monthly Challenge

March has come and gone, and the theme for our challege this month was Happiness. I ahve been very happy this mongth and had lots of wondeful moments but i ahve also been very busy and sadly had much time to pick up my camera. the other day i sat with Aj outside and we drew with sidewalk chalk, and i got this from him, love the soft smile a beautiful happy everyday moment.


Next in our group is Carrie Ann


P34 – Friday night I’m booked (early night that is)

Feb 3 Friday has come and gone like a buffalo stampede again. So I’m early to bed. Good night world.


P6 – Friday night at the movies

What was the name of that elephant that just ran me over! Oh it’s name was Friday.

Tough day and now I sit down with this… Oh what bliss just me m the boys and a vegetarian T-Rex.