P112 – AG Show

Candy floss, ice cream , bouncy castle, pigs and baby goats. Too much fun!20120421-201418.jpg


P110 /P111

April 19 mini AG show day at school AJ took on the Easter lily from the garden and jack the rabbit. No photos of that as I was helping but this was outside playing.

20120420-211258.jpgP111 Friday April 20. Slow start to the day as AJ off school. He sat in bed playing on the iPad and I am just in live eith the nice soft light we get in our room first thing in the morning.

20120420-211438.jpg111/365 days complete.

P108 Easter lily/P109 rock of love

20120418-232649.jpgP108, April 17 Easter lilys finaly open, the smell is divine.

20120418-232753.jpgP109 April 18. I was walking the dogs on a familiar bit of the trail today and saw this cute heart carved in the rock, a great analogy for my day hard but lovely.

P107 – I really hate Monday’s

So my day began with being a bit late then I forgot keys and had to drive 30 minutes home and 30 minutes back to one dig on my walking roster, then I forgot my phone, and it all spiraled out after that.



20120416-214718.jpgP105 Moving day

20120416-214812.jpgP106 big dog tiny dog bed


P102 April 11th. the found pink polo. While cleaning put a closet I found a cool pink polo shirt, not mine but boy it sure looks good in me.20120413-190316.jpg

P103 the last day of painting the new house. AJ got in on the action and did some finger painting on daddy’s head. 20120413-190333.jpg

P104 Bermudianas are a lovely little native spring blooming flower. 20120413-190341.jpg

P101 – Zumba love