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P114 /P115/P116

Hair washed today, so I am rocking the silky wavy mommy hair.20120425-230003.jpgP115 thought I was dying today so sick and oddly the only thing that made me feel better was apple juice and advil.

20120425-230138.jpgP116 wee man wanted to race something he enjoys doing a lot lately not the photo I wanted, his “starting” position is adorable, but missing that shot made me a better mommy than a photographer.



P49 – Calamari and Capricossa pizza

Calamari, Capricossa pizza and a vintage Micky mouse mug of apple juice; what did your 3.75 year old eat for dinner tonight.


P47 – My poor baby

My poor darling has an ear infection, not cool. But he is trying to stay happy


P24 – no matter how bad a day I have it ends with you


Love the giggly snuggles we share at the end of the day.

P22 – Daddy instructing proper ice cream eating technique

Sunday passed in a blur. Had a great rally obedience seminar with Linda Barton from Canada. Get home and had dinner ready in the crock pot, love thinking ahead. And a little treat after dinner of ice cream for AJ. Daddy instructs the proper technique for finishing said ice cream.


P15 – Couch + blanket + boy = tent + fun

A cold winter day. We made a tent on the couch with the cuddly blanket. Love the giggles and fun.

P14 – Black beard the cookie pirate

I life it when he eats cookies and I get cookie face. It is hard to photograph as he avoids the camera like the plague. I like this though.